A Missionary in the Land of My Forefathers

Theme: Adapting to a Place Where You Look Like People but Feel Different



Our host for this webinar is be Oscar Osindo, associate director at the Institute of World Mission.

Oscar is from a non-Adventist, non-missionary background. He embraced the Adventist faith as a teenager of 18 years and embarked on soul winning and church planting. Oscar married Elizabeth, a third generation Adventist, and their missionary experience began in the early 1990s among Muslim peoples in various parts of Kenya, their native country. The Osindos are blessed with three children.

Oscar, an ordained minister, has served in district and departmental work and as a teacher. He has initiated numerous ministry models in the Muslim context in various parts of the world. His cross-cultural experience is enriched by the time he spent in the United Kingdom (where he pioneered work among Muslims), in Cyprus (where he served the Global Centre for Adventist Muslim Relations, GC AMR), and in his academic teaching for various Adventist institutions around the world.

Since leaving Cyprus, Oscar has taught across Africa for the Adventist University of Africa, in addition to his global duties for the world church.


Oscar will be joined by Guenji and Eliane Imayuki. Although Brazilian, Guenji has a Japanese background, and decided to serve in Japan. He has faced many interesting and different challenges as he is Japanese in looks, but has a lot of his Brazilian side as well.


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