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Kids around the world love to play games. One of the best ways to make new friends or have a fun family time is to play games together. Here are a couple of games from different parts of the world you can try with your friends and your family.

Gorelki – Russian Line Tag

Materials: Rope or masking tape

Preparation: Lay a 5 ft. (1.5 m) line or rope or masking tape in an open area

Play: Choose one player to be “It”. The rest of the group lines up in two equal lines, about 10 ft. (3m) from the line.

“It” stands behind the line. When “It” says, “Last ones run,” the last ones in each line run up the outside of their lines and join hands at the front of the lines before “It” can tag either one of them.  If “It” tags a player before the pair can join hands, the tagged player becomes “It” and they switch places

Crab Race – A Japanese Game

Materials: None

Play: To play this game, follow these steps:

Step 1: Form two relay teams of equal number of players

Step 2: Set up a goal-line for each team

Step 3: The first player on each team leans backward and moves on all fours to look like a crab. The player must move in this position to the goal line and back.

Step 4: The player touches the next player who continues in the same way until all play­ ers have gone to the goal line and back. The first team to finish wins.

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