IWM Schedule

The Institute curriculum is focused on five objectives. We strive to equip missionaries to:

  • Grow Spiritually
  • Think Biblically
  • Reason Missiologically
  • Live Holistically
  • Serve Incarnationally

At each Institute, missionaries are introduced to a variety of resources, tools and activities that develop skills and attitudes. These are designed to foster a lifelong journey of ongoing growth. Participants also have the opportunity to develop lasting friendships and support networks with other missionaries from around the world.


If you would like to learn more about mission Institute or Reentry Retreats, contact us here.


  • April 15 – May 4 – Istanbul, Türkiye
  • July 8 – July 27 – Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • January 27 – February 15 – Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • April 14 – May 3 – Istanbul, Türkiye
  • June 9 – June 28 – Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, USA
  • August 18 – September 6 – Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • June 10 – June 15 –  “Hello America” (Family and Teen) Andrews University, Michigan, USA
  • Sept 9 – Sept 14 – for SAD/IAD based ISEs – Brazil, South America


  • July 21 – July 27 –  “Hello America” (Family and Teen) Andrews University, Michigan, USA

Age-appropriate mission orientation classes for Missionary Kids (MKs) are held concurrently with the adult Mission Institute program and prepare youth for the cross-cultural experience they will face. 

These classes provide the education and support needed for healthy missionary family adjustment. Some of the topics in the curriculum include transition, expectations, making new friends, living and thriving in another culture, how to fit in, dealing with conflict, and saying proper goodbyes.

Our Missionary Re-entry Program is designed to support missionaries as they transition back to their home country after their service abroad. The program offers a comprehensive approach that includes emotional and psychological support, cultural re-adjustment workshops, and practical resources to help missionaries reintegrate into their communities. Through group sessions, one-on-one counseling, and networking opportunities, participants can share experiences, address reverse culture shock, and find renewed purpose in their next chapter. The goal is to ensure a smooth and fulfilling re-entry process, empowering missionaries to continue their mission-driven lives at home.

Our “Hello America” Teen Re-entry Program is dedicated to helping teenagers smoothly transition from the mission field back to their home country. The program provides a supportive environment where teens can share their experiences, address feelings of reverse culture shock, and navigate the challenges of re-adjusting to life at home. With a blend of group discussions, individual counseling, and engaging activities, we focus on emotional support, cultural reintegration, and practical guidance. Our goal is to help teens reconnect with their peers, maintain their sense of purpose, and successfully adapt to their new circumstances.

NOTE REGARDING COVID: Participants 18 years and older attending Mission Institute are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This requirement is based on the following statement from GC Health Ministries: Covid-19 with all its variants is by no means over. There is increasing population immunity and thankfully we are seeing less crises than  in the early days of the pandemic. We are therefore recommending that COVID-19 vaccination remain a requirement for adult attendance. The exception would be for unvaccinated individuals who have had COVID within 6 months of the IWM meetings, and can provide affidavit/certification of same. Otherwise, proof of vaccination would be needed.