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August 17,2021
Read how the biblical story of Jonathan centers on a vision implementation with practical applications for leaders. When my wife and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary, I pondered what gift to give to her on such a momentous occasion. This idea came to me: I would give her less of me! I would go on
April 15,2021
Your Global Citizen Pretend Passport Do you have a passport? I bet you do! Passports are little booklets that allow us to travel from one country to another. They are stamped each time you enter or exit a new country to keep track of who is going where and when. The color of your passport
April 13,2021
By Joseph Kidder and Boubakar Sanou Several years ago, my [Joseph’s] brother and his family came to the United States from Iraq as refugees. I contacted the pastor of the Adventist church near where my brother and family settled. The pastor went to visit them, along with two church members. The purpose of the visit
March 23,2021
Based on an interview by Oscar Osindo, Associate Director, IWM For many, the opportunity to explore a culture different from their own means a two-week summer vacation spent eating local food, exploring tourist attractions and moving from one Airbnb to another. For Flavie Palin Claver, professor at Adventist University Zurcher, Madagascar, it meant a lot
March 10,2021
Have you recently returned home from a mission assignment and now feel a sense of loss and disorientation? You are experiencing a certain level of re-entry adjustment. What used to be your home culture doesn’t feel like it anymore. It’s a kind of culture shock all over again. But the issue goes deeper: You are

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