Let’s Travel the World!

Your Global Citizen Pretend Passport

Do you have a passport? I bet you do!

Passports are little booklets that allow us to travel from one country to another. They are stamped each time you enter or exit a new country to keep track of who is going where and when.

 The color of your passport depends on your citizenship or the country you were born in.

You can make your very own pretend passport and record all the places you’ve visited.
  • You will need:

·      A small picture of yourself (ask your parents for help on this). You can even make a drawing of yourself!

Two sheets of paper (any size will do – just make sure they are both the same size)

·      Scissors

·      A stapler

·      Pens, pencils and colored pencils

·      Glue

1. Fold both papers in half and then in half again to make your pages one- quarter size. Cut the top folds open to make your booklet and staple it in the middle.

2. Now it’s time to make the cover! The cover should have the name of your country and a design that represents that country.

3. Paste your picture or draw a self-portrait on the first page and write your name, date of birth and the country you were born in.

4. Now you are ready to travel the world in your imagination! For each place you visit, draw a picture of the flag of that country, the national flower, or a special landmark.

Remember that passports are very important, and you can’t travel to any country without one!

 But did you know there is one kingdom where the only passport you need is what Jesus has done for you?

Jesus made it possible for you to enter the kingdom of heaven. All you need to do is accept him…that is your passport!

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