Your Home Is a Mission Field

Your Home Is a Mission Field

Life is a paradox. Joy and suffering, challenges and opportunities. And of course, in the mission field, it isn’t any different.

As we notice our world becoming more unbalanced day by day, how do we maintain our own balance between work demands and quality family time, even while we’re going through suffering and challenges?

Sometimes we think that the mission field is a destination. Instead, let’s look at it as a journey.

Every journey has a beginning. Is your family where that journey begins?

Webinar Host:

  • Ron Kuhn – Institute of World Mission Associate Director

Webinar panelists:

  • Robert and Audrey Folkenberg – serve as CHUM president and Adventist Mission Director/Development Department director.
  • Iago and Roseane Alonso – serve at the Middle East and North Africa Union as Adventist Volunteer Service coordinator and Mental Health Advisor.

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