Keeping Healthy in the Era of COVID-19

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This webinar is a conversation on the importance of staying healthy and practical ways of accomplishing it, specially during the COVID-10 pandemic.

Webinar host:

  • Alex Ott – Institute of World Mission E-Learning Coordinator

Webinar panelists:

  •  Peter Landless – General Conference Health Department Director
  • Katia Reinert – General Conference Health Department Associate Director
  • Marcia McEdwards – Middle East & North Africa Union Health Department Director

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Healthy in the Era of COVID-19”

    1. Hi Calvin, sorry it didn’t work out for you to join the webinar. The process usually works as follows: After you register, you receive an email with an access link. You would use the access link to access the webinar when it’s live. Hope it will work for you next time.

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