23, What is the Problem With Witnessing? (With Wesley Szamko)


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1 thought on “23, What is the Problem With Witnessing? (With Wesley Szamko)”

  1. Noé Alexander Clemente Ramírez

    Thank you Wesley, It’s true we need to witness, and I like the idea of not falling into extremes, either we believe witnessing should be only sharing the gospel as preaching or evangelism or to believe we should need only be nice people and never invite someone to know more about Jesus.

    I think when we are truly witnessing two things would happen: People will get interested and people will get annoyed because we are unique. We look like them, but there is something different, like Jesus, his teaching and life was unique. And he raised interest and opposition. But he also was wise, not letting that opposition to put him in unnecessary danger.


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