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How to Prepare for a Looming Transition

Life is made up of changes. Some are big, others small. These changes are also called “transitions.” When we decide to serve in a different cultures, or even in our own, we are destined to go through some big transitions.
In this webinar, we explore ways to prepare ourselves for these transitions, especially the difficult ones.

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Missionary Family Life in East Asian Religions Context

Did you know that East Asians place special value on family and family relationships? The Sigalaka sutra defines six important relationships and describes the ethics that define them. God also places special value on family. Join us as we explore family relationships from an East Asian perspective and discuss how we can use these values to present the Gospel and model the kingdom of God.

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Your Home Is a Mission Field

Life is a paradox. Joy and suffering, challenges and opportunities. And of course, in the mission field, it isn’t any different.
As we notice our world becoming more unbalanced day by day, how do we maintain our own balance between work demands and quality family time, even while we’re going through suffering and challenges?
Sometimes we think that the mission field is a destination. Instead, let’s look at it as a journey.
Every journey has a beginning. Is your family where that journey begins?

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Homeschooling in the Mission Field

Welcome to our webinar on Homeschooling in the Mission Field. Some of the topics that we will talk about are:
– Choosing a curriculum that works for your child.
– Organization and planning.
– Homeschooling teenagers.
– How to deal with the challenges of homeschooling.
– Measuring your success in homeschooling.

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Going Strong as a Couple Through the Current Crisis

COVID-19 has brought with it many new challenges. One of them is being stuck at home and dealing with tension and stress in our relationships.
In this live event, we discuss how to deal with these tensions, and give you some ways to strengthen your relationships during this crisis.

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Featured Theme Pages

Our goal is to help you go even deeper than attending an individual webinar event would allow.

With that, we present to you the IWM Featured Theme Pages.

Each page is a collection of all resources on this website—webinar sessions, blog posts, podcast episodes, courses and series—around a specific topic of interest. 

Below is a quick sample. Slide to the left or to the right to get the idea.

Just keep in mind, you will need to create a free IWM membership account or be logged in to access these Featured Theme Pages.

Witnessing & Discipling
Cross-cultural mission workers share the gospel in some of the most distant and difficult places to minister. Learning how to communicate the good news in an effective way is essential to missional ministry.
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Finances & Missions
Here you’ll find all the material on the IWM website devoted to the best use of financial resources in missions.
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Missionary Health
Cross-cultural mission workers face multiple hazardous environments ranging from high pollution to scarcity in variety of plant-based foods. Here we discuss health issues that are relevant to cross-cultural missions.
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Family & Marriage
Your marriage and family are key for effective cross-cultural ministry. Taking care of them is an essential aspect of your service. In this section, you will find valuable support on these topics.
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Kids' Corner
A collection of games and fun resources for children of missionaries.
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