The Gospel in Non-Western Clothes (Syncretism part II)

In the last blog, I raised the question of how to deal with practices that mix Christian with non-Christian elements. This mixing is called syn­cretism. Today, I will briefly define syn­cretism, contrast it with the process of contex­tualization, discuss some of its root causes, and then introduce you to a five-step process for dealing with

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Syn-cre-tism (sin’ kre tiz’m)

Syn-cre-tism (sin’ kre tiz’m) n. 1. The combining, uniting, or reconciling of disparate beliefs. 2. The indiscriminate mixing of religions. Adventist missionaries from the beginning have always aimed at faithfully teaching the message of the Bible. Their commitment to Scripture has also led them to confront practices and lifestyle issues that contradict the injunctions of

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