Faithful Witness Series

As a missionary, no doubt you have prayed for people in your host community. Your heart burned for the masses of people who do not know the Good News. Perhaps. you are looking for ways to talk about Jesus with the ones who are close to you. But you quickly realize there is a gap – a cultural, religious, maybe even linguistic distance.
It’s very hard to witness and disciple cross-culturally.
Or is it?
Faithful Witness is a series of lessons designed to support a cross-cultural missionary in witnessing and discipleship attempts. Every lesson is full of practical advice based on stories and interactions that really happened. Every lesson features a principal know-how to help you build towards a real skill and a continual practice of being a faithful witness for the Lord.
Lessons in the series are taught by Gabriela Phillips. Gabriela is a missionary with many years of experience in the Caucasus, Middle East, North and South America. Currently, she serves as North-American Division Adventist-Muslim Relations coordinator.

Published and Upcoming Episodes

  1. A Person of Peace
  2. Salvation as Healing, part 1
  3. Salvation and Healing, part 2
  4. Identity & Belonging: How — Bible stories
  5. Saving Faith: Receiving the messiah as God’s gift
  6. Saving Faith: Stories of Jesus and kingdom
  7. Growing as a Disciple: Faith-based obedience
  8. Growing as a Disciple: Stories from Acts
  9. Integration: Growth and multiplication
  10. Integration: Home based fellowship