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Mission Institutes are three-week workshops which the Seventh-day Adventist Church provides for its missionaries. This orientation program is best experienced at the beginning of one’s cross-cultural ministry.

Besides full-time career missionaries, we invite volunteers, supporting ministries missionaries, tentmakers, and local and regional ministry leaders—all who are called to reach out across cultural boundaries.

Mission Institutes are held three to four times a year around the world—in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Institutes provide three weeks of practical, interactive training designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed for cross-cultural living and witnessing.

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5 Objectives of Mission Institutes

The Institute curriculum is focused on five objectives. We strive to equip missionaries to:

At each Institute, missionaries are introduced to a variety of resources, tools and activities that develop skills and attitudes. These are designed to foster a lifelong journey of ongoing growth. Participants also have the opportunity to develop lasting friendships and support networks with other missionaries from around the world.

Mission Institute for Missionary Kids (MKs)

Age-appropriate mission orientation classes for Missionary Kids (MKs) are held concurrently with the adult Mission Institute program and prepare youth for the cross-cultural experience they will face. 

These classes provide the education and support needed for healthy missionary family adjustment. Some of the topics in the curriculum include transition, expectations, making new friends, living and thriving in another culture, how to fit in, dealing with conflict, and saying proper goodbyes.

Attending Mission Institute Not an Immediate Reality?

We understand that.

In the meantime, we have created this website to help you take great strides in developing your cross-cultural skills and competencies. 

We invite you to become our conversational and learning partner. 

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Witnessing & Discipling
Cross-cultural mission workers share the gospel in some of the most distant and difficult places to minister. Learning how to communicate the good news in an effective way is essential to missional ministry.
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Finances & Missions
Here you’ll find all the material on the IWM website devoted to the best use of financial resources in missions.
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Missionary Health
Cross-cultural mission workers face multiple hazardous environments ranging from high pollution to scarcity in variety of plant-based foods. Here we discuss health issues that are relevant to cross-cultural missions.
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Family & Marriage
Your marriage and family are key for effective cross-cultural ministry. Taking care of them is an essential aspect of your service. In this section, you will find valuable support on these topics.
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Kids' Corner
A collection of games and fun resources for children of missionaries.
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