Storytelling for Discipleship

In this course you will:

  • Discover how and why Jesus used stories to share the gospel message
  • Learn how to engage someone who does not share your cultural background
  • Identify methods to help others identify with the stories you share
  • Explore the concept of worldview-appropriate storytelling
  • Develop your orality (and learn what that means)
  • Realize the most effective stories are already part of your toolkit
  • Transform your effectiveness as a missionary in a cross-cultural setting

Faithful Witness Podcast Series

Faithful Witness Series

Faithful Witness is a series of lessons designed to support a cross-cultural missionary in witnessing and discipleship attempts. Every lesson is full of practical advice based on stories and interactions that really happened. Every lesson features a principal know-how to help you build towards a real skill and a continual practice of being a faithful witness for the Lord.
Lessons in the series are taught by Gabriela Phillips. Gabriela is a missionary with many years of experience in the Caucasus, Middle East, North and South America. Currently, she serves as North-American Division Adventist-Muslim Relations coordinator.

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